“Believe in yourself… have faith in the talents, skills and dedication you know you have…”- Maria Shollenbarger

Maria Shollenbarger
Maria Shollenbarger on Carmel State Beach, California © Carlos Chavarría ( Source: https://www.ft.com/content/acb23387-a072-4713-bcd6-a07f801e49e5)
  1. It focusses me in the present moment, so I am not worried about the future or lost in the past.
  2. It reminds me of how lucky I am — sometimes the places I go are home to people who barely have enough to eat, or no where to live, or who have suffered through terrible wars. I am reminded that my life is incredibly privileged and rich in not just material things, but family and love. And
  3. It reminds me over and over again how incredibly precious and beautiful our planet is, and how endlessly beautiful people are, everywhere you go.



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Amy Powell

Amy Powell

Amy Powell talks about creating content, marketing, creativity, impact and all things digital. https://www.amyrpowell.com/