No Mercy / No Malice by Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway wrote one of my favorite books, The Algebra of Happiness, and I am a dedicated reader of his No Mercy / No Malice newsletter. Scott teaches brand strategy at NYU’s Stern School of Business but his most interesting writing is actually about life strategy, living a successful life and dealing with life’s challenges. Last week I was reading one of his most recent articles “High School & CNN+” and it really struck a chord with me personally. “High School & CNN+” deals with one of life’s biggest challenges, failure & rejection, told through the lens of Scott’s nostalgic trip back to his high school in LA. I relate to so much of what Scott writes about as I have also faced failure and rejection and I hope reading his article will help inspire others as it has inspired me.

Scott writes:

“In sum, the secret to my success is … rejection. Specifically, my willingness to endure it. Everybody knows failure, everyone will experience tragedy. You will get fired, make bad investments, and fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. Worst of all, someone you love, and who loves you a great deal, will get sick and die. A core competence of successful people is the ability to mourn, and move on.

So, how to develop this skill? People find strength and resilience in different places. For me, it’s atheism. I do not believe this is a dress rehearsal, and at some point I’ll look into my sons’ eyes and know our relationship is coming to an end. And that’s OK — I’m less afraid than most to risk public failure (starting businesses, making predictions, approaching strangers, etc.) because I believe this will all be over soon. In addition, age has given me the courage to be more forthcoming with my emotions. To tell people I love them, that I admire them. Looking at important decisions through the lens of your deathbed usually yields the same answers: Go for it, and tell people you love them.”

Read the full article here:



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